It is not always possible to carry our refurbishment work in ideal working conditions and Kerr Interiors recognise that sometimes we may after refurbish an office while still occupied by people.

On these occasions Kerr Interiors liaise closely with the client to fully ensure that works will be carried out in a safe manner ensuring the clients employers are fully protected at all times and aware of the works being undertaken.

Noise control is very important when working in an occupied office and Kerr Interiors control the noise levels by ensuring all noisy works such as drilling is done at the most convenient time agreed with the client which causes the minimal disruption to their staff.

Where every detail matters

Kerr Interiors deliver a wide range of services from office fit out and to complete commercial unit redevelopments.

Sue Wylie

Re’new – Corporate Services Manager

“We have worked with Kerr Interiors on a number of our projects over the past 4 years. As a registered charity where value for money is essential, cost alone is not the only factor we use when selecting contractors and consultants to work with us. Equally important is their knowledge, experience, professionalism and attention to detail. Kerr Interiors provide all of this for us and I would recommend anyone who wants a high quality job with excellent customer service to use Kerr Interiors – you will not be disappointed.”


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