Crown Plaza Hotel




Flood Defenses


£400 – £600k

Kerr Interiors were contacted by Crown Plaza Hotel to deliver a service that would protect their business from floods. The previous year, the area was flooded which caused significant issues.

The Crown Plaza carpark area, pool pump house and lift housings are all below ground level, so Kerr Interiors were commissioned to build strengthened exterior walls to a level above the water level. They also had to fit steel watertight doors to all below-ground rooms and stairwells, watertight service hatches to allow access for cleaning and repairs, and a watertight swing gate to seal off the carpark during flood alerts.

During the process, Kerr Interiors reviewed the drainage system. They carried out repairs, including the installation of non-return valves, to ensure that water wouldn’t return to the hotel from exterior drains. Other services included resurfacing of driveways, levelling of surfaces, and the re-bedding of the block surface.

The project, despite strict timeframes, was completed on-budget and on-time. The client, Clown Plaza Hotel, had their expectations exceeded.

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